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Innovative ideas and design

Have you got a new project on the go or simply looking to refresh your layout?

Our team of designers will propose a concept based on the newest trends, adapted to your specific clientele and designed to meet your needs:
  • for interior or exterior;
  • to create a customized atmosphere;
  • to ensure attractive design and efficiency of your product marketing.

You can put your trust in the Groupe Morency design team. You'll only get good surprises with us; the price is guaranteed at contract signature.

Project Management
A shared expertise

Are you looking to get directly involved in your construction project, to live through every step of the realization process, but looking for a hand along the way to ensure everything runs smoothly?

Our team of project managers can help you when it comes to:
  • construction liability;
  • spending management;
  • support, insurance and solvency of subcontractors.

Our expert advice and construction experience are bankable values you can count on.

All-Inclusive Project
Let our process be your advantage

Through our many years of experience and our long list of realizations, we've acquired the skills and ability to successfully carry out any construction project.

Entrust the worry-free management of your project to us with our "all-inclusive" format!
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